Westpointe Air Conditioners

We were recently questioned as to why we carry the Westpointe brand of Air Conditioners instead of national brands.  We want to provide a brief explanation.

The first reason is size.  As an independent hardware store, we cannot always reach minimum order quantities to buy direct from national brands.  This is the case with window air conditioners, as the required quantities are far more than we sell during a season.  We are reliant upon our major suppliers for these types of products, and we are happy with the Westpointe brand. 

Westpointe is a brand of Midea Air Conditioning.  We called the manufacturer and it turns out that Midea makes various components, such as condensers and compressors, for major global brands such as GE and Frigidaire.  In addition, the Westpointe brand of window air conditioners offer many of the same features as national brands.  These features include: remote control thermostat, dehumidifier, and air purifying options.  I have personally owned a 10,000 BTU model, and have been happy with it for over four years.

John Ciferni, Owner

June 29, 2011
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